Another it feels great day helping our youth in STEM. I was thrilled today to participate as a cybersecurity professional in the Jackson County MO Chapter of the Links Incorporated STEMfest at the African-Centered College Preparatory Academy for students grades 3rd to 8th. It was even more uplifting to be able to partner with other’s in the industry, @Christine Gordon with CBOE, and a board member of ISACA, as well as @Tammy Buckner with We Code KC. For my LinkedIn connections that keep up with want I’m doing in the community, this was just another feel good day for me. To see the children, lean on our every word. One student even told me “I don’t want any giveaways, I’m here to learn”. Well, all right then! And I started talking, these students were not shy. They asked lots of questions and we loved it.

We love doing these types of events as it aligns with our mission, to encourage minorities and youth to pursue careers in STEM.