As I continue to strive to be a better mentor, I believe that it’s important to provide you resources to start or to excel in your careers. Here is a list of free resources from T.J. DeGroat.

Free Cyber Security Resources and Courses

Springboard’s Foundations of Cybersecurity

“Whether you’re new to the industry or you’re looking for a refresher on the basics, Springboard’s Foundations of Cybersecurity learning path is the perfect place to begin your journey. With 38 hours of free content and 40 resources across nine core modules, this free course will equip you with the fundamentals you’ll need to delve further into the field. You can view the curriculum and get started by clicking the link above”.

Cybrary’s free training and community resources

“Launched in 2015, Cybrary aims to “provide the opportunity to learn Cyber Security, to anyone, anywhere, who wants that opportunity.” The result? A plethora of free cyber security courses and resources on all topics related to the field. The crowdsourced security and IT learning platform boasts two million users, providing a toolkit of resources like free practice tests, practice labs, and assessments to help you achieve your professional goals”.’s certification preparation community

“Will you soon start studying for a specific cyber security certification? If so, you may want to explore’s free certification preparation community. Members of this active online community have probably completed that same tech certification successfully; they can provide you with insightful perspective on the process and point you to new resources that weren’t already on your list”.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s virtual training

“You can access 11 courses that cover subjects from operational security for control systems to current trends in cyber security vulnerabilities that put industrial control systems at risk. And if you’re seeking an in-person experience, the agency also periodically offers instructor-led courses”.

SANS Cyber Aces Online

“Developed by the SANS Institute, this free course aims to help alleviate the shortage of cyber security professionals by introducing students and professionals to the field. It is designed to provide novices with many of the core security principles needed to kick off a cyber security career”.

Free Cyber security Videos and Webinars

TED Talks on cybersecurity

“TED Talks are known for their compelling delivery, informative nature, and 18-minute time limits. They’re also completely free to watch. Platforms like YouTube and the TED website host dozens of TED and TEDx speeches on cyber security. In this Springboard blog post, we rounded up 12 compelling TED and TEDx Talks that will appeal to professionals and those who are just curious about cyber security”.

Stanford University’s free cybersecurity webinars and videos

“We don’t all have the credentials to earn a degree from the elite California university, but that doesn’t mean the school’s educational resources are out of reach. As part of its professional certificate program in advanced computer security, Stanford offers free cybersecurity webinars and a video talk series featuring some of the university’s computer security experts. The school also has a deep bench of free videos on computer science and security on its YouTube channel”.

BeyondTrust’s webinar offerings

“Cybersecurity solution provider Beyond Trust provides a variety of products to help companies protect themselves against cyber threats. And it offers a wide breadth of educational resources like webinars, white papers, data sheets, and case studies. The firm’s webinars examine best practices, expert tips for closing security gaps, and other applicable concepts that help organizations guard against attacks”.

Free Cybersecurity Tools and Other Content

Subnet mask cheat sheet

“A favorite of Springboard mentor Leonard Simon, this all-in-one cheat sheet from the firm DNS Made Easy is a perfect resource to bookmark. If you’re a network administrator or a professional studying for an exam that’s heavy on IP subnetting, be sure to keep this tool on hand”.

CompTIA’s career and certification roadmap for professionals

“Both budding and seasoned IT professionals should refer to this road map for guidance on how they can effectively climb the ladder and advance their careers. This info-graphic from CompTIA breaks down what certificates’ tech professionals, including those in the cyber security realm, need for advancement in particular job tracks. Whether you have a firm vision of your dream job or not, the roadmap can help steer you in the right direction”.

Springboard’s Guide to Cybersecurity Salaries

“A good accompaniment to CompTIA’s certification roadmap, our guide is a helpful reference if you’re toying with the idea of breaking into the field. It provides an overview of a career in the cybersecurity field, as well as a detailed breakdown of what you can expect to make as a professional, depending on the role, location, and the level of education or certification you achieve”.

Cybrary’s glossary of cybersecurity terms

“IT is full of jargon and confusing terminology. You may want to turn to Cybrary’s expansive glossary of cyber security vocabulary for help. The glossary covers basic cyber security language that non-IT folks would be familiar with—like phishing or Trojan horse—as well as more complex industry concepts, such as WHOIS and a TCP full open scan”.


Here is a collection of cyber security resources,

Interested in learning more about cyber security? Our IT Pro Fundamentals course teaches the fundamentals to pass the test-out certification and go on to pass the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification. This is a great course for individuals looking to get started in cyber security.