“FREE “ –  IT, Network Computing, and Cyber Security Fundamental Online Workshop for Entry Level and High School Students

We Listened and We Heard You

On June 1, 2020 Women in Security Mentors with Dr. Cheryl Cooper and Lisa Oyler/Cisco Instructor, will provide a FREE online IT, Computer Networking,  and Cyber-security class/workshop through the National Cyber Security Center for individuals wanting an introduction to the information technology career field. At the end of this class you will have the opportunity to Test-Out and obtain certification.

Are you looking for something to do while sheltering from the corona virus? Looking to change career fields? Are you graduating this year or next year and haven’t decided what you want to do? Then let us introduce you to information technology and cyber security.  As you continue to manage the challenges of the current environment, the need for knowledge never stops. Online learning options offer a convenient and cost-effective way to build your knowledge and skills.


Certifications are to prove to employers that people have desired knowledge and skills. But often times most certifications only measure knowledge, how do you prove that you also have skills? This is where this class can help you. To assess skills, you need more than multiple choice exams. Test-Out Pro exams use the most advanced simulation technology to measure the ability of individuals to perform real-world IT tasks. All of our exams are scientifically analyzed and validated. No one does a better job assessing IT skills than the Test-Out Certifications to measure your knowledge.


Dr. Cheryl Cooper, CISSP, CISSA

Lisa Oyler, BSE, MSE, Cisco Instructor

Targeted Audience:

Grades 7th through 12th

Adults – Entry level

Class Start Date:

 June 1, 2020

Test-Out Certification Offering:

This class will introduce you to computer networking and cyber security:

Week 1 – IT Fundamental Skills Pro

Week 2 – Essential Networking Computer Skills

Week 3 – Database and Programming

Week 4 – Information Systems and Security

Week 5: Ending with IT Fundamentals Pro Exam

Key Features of Test Out Pro Exams

Innovative IT skill simulation technology developed by Test Out Corporation.

  • Focus on measuring real-world skills.
  • 100% skill-based evaluation (cognitive and behavioral).
  • Online exam delivery.
  • Scientifically analyzed and validated.

Required Materials: 

You must have a tablet or laptop, and Wi-Fi Internet Access